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"If I lose you, I can take it." and "If I lose you, I can't live." They're OK? Or what would you say?Sorry, I corrected it. "If I lose you, I can't take it."
Jan 22, 2012 9:11 PM
Answers · 2
The match-up of tenses doesn't sound right. You would never hear it that way. More likely: "If I lose you, I won't be able to take it. "I couldn't take it (live) if I lost you." "If I lose you, I'll die." [I hope this is just a grammar question]
January 22, 2012
The second statement "If I lose you, I can't live" is grammatically correct - but somewhat scary and dramatic. The first statement may sound better if you say "If I lose you, I'll be OK" or "I'll be OK if I lose you".
January 22, 2012
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