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which spanish songs do you recommend to me for helping me study the language? whichever type, whichever style. it's better to recommend to me thoese spanish songs which are classical during a long period or popular now. it is the best to tell me where can i find the billboard of spanish pop music!
Jan 23, 2012 12:26 AM
Answers · 10
What is your favorite musical genre?
January 23, 2012
Mi canción favorita es "Ojos Asi" - Shakira =)
March 3, 2012
would be easy"
January 27, 2012
there is a very cute song is Luis Fonsi Easy would be called
January 27, 2012
Could be "Alejandro Sanz" and "melendi" there are a lot of, look for them and also similar singers, on songs like : A la primera persona, and Violinista en tu tejado :D I really like it, and Spanish singers if you want get a Spanish accent,
January 24, 2012
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