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where can i use "你" or "您"?what is the difference between those two?
17 апр. 2008 г., 7:04
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Well, "您" just used when u r talking with people who are much older than u or their social state is very high.It shows a kind of respect. Actually in our daily life,we hardly use it. Sometimes using "您" makes people upset because they thought u think they r very old.And people do want to stay young, right? So,besides the senior citizens,"你" is OK.
24 апреля 2008 г.
it's really simple like german "du" or "sie' ,when someone who's old or you want to be politely you should use 您 , and 你 is used to normal people
17 апреля 2008 г.
“您”is a respectful form of address, while "你" is just a common appellation...I don't know if you can understand it clearly as such explanation.
17 апреля 2008 г.
If you know some German, it helps you understand better: Sie= 您 du=你。 Actually, in daily life conversation,you have less chance to use 您。
24 апреля 2008 г.
in chinese您this noun is for the use by communicate with the elder or your head moreover you want to show respect to those who are older use 您 is better than 你.and 你 use unbending in our daily life .get it ?
20 апреля 2008 г.
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