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Do Superstitions Control Your Life? Is superstition an inconsequential foible or an ominous threat?
Jan 24, 2012 1:24 AM
Answers · 16
No they don't because if I believed in any superstition, then I would not even go outside for fear of stepping under a ladder or seeing a black cat. Fortunately I have a black cat:))
January 24, 2012
I wouldn't refer to superstition as either a foible or a threat, but it is indeed a significant influence in most societies. Superstition being any belief or practice unreasoningly upheld by faith in magic, chance or dogma, it isn't hard to identify what cultural institution chooses faith over reason. Southern Louisiana's Cajun culture has a number of superstitions, as colorful as is our culture in general.
January 24, 2012
Some of my friends wonder at me when I do not pay heed to a black cat, or when I'm not interested in horoscope on the last page of a magazine. And I wonder at them.
January 25, 2012
sorry eliot if this is a discussion boring to you, in my country many people are superstitious and they let it control your actions day to day. I always write my titles with lowercase letters and was corrected to give strength in what I write when the words start with capital letters. now...I dont use capitals :)
January 24, 2012
Isn't this a (boring) discussion?
January 24, 2012
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