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What is the best way to say OTukare-sama in English? When someone finish his work and then we can say "otukare-sama" to reward for his good task or his usual work in Japanese. In English, do you have any other words except for good job, excellent, keep it up etc. Or your co-worker is going to go back to his home from work, what you usually say to him? Is that a good bye or see you? Do you have any other greeting words? Please teach me!
24. Jan 2012 02:49
Answers · 7
You can say "Let's Call It a Night" ... which means that you had done enough for the day and would like to continue later (literally i.e. after the night)
30. Januar 2012
From my what I've seen there really isn't a very formal way of saying good work, mainly because of what dahilia said. But if you do want to say something more formal than "good work", you can compliment them on their good work.
10. Juni 2012
Hi dahlia! Thanks for a good suggestions! This is actually my long concern. So I really thank you for your help.
8. Juni 2012
Just saying "Good work" at the end of a work day sends the same message. It's still more formal than what people usually say, though. Coworkers tend to develop more informal relationships, though, so Soo Mab's suggestions are more common.
8. Juni 2012
However, if your co-worker is leaving you may just say "See ya later" or "See you tomorrow. Good night"... I guess English people don't get 疲 (worn-out/exhausted) at all! Just Kidding^^
30. Januar 2012
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