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Which one is correct? How do you keep a good friendship? or How do you maintain a good friendship? Is there another verrb that could be used instead of 'keep' and 'maintain'? Also, I want to to know whether the word 'factors' is correct here or not: What factors may result in the breakdown of a good friendship? And what about the word 'breakdown'? Is it correct to use it here? Or do we use it only to talk about marriage and love?
24 gen 2012 07:24
Answers · 6
You can't even use "keep". You don't keep friendships or relationships. You maintain them. You can keep a friend or a lover, though. Oh, and you can keep a relationship going. "Factors" is fine.
24 gennaio 2012
The first questions: Both ways are good, the latter one sounds better,though. In the second question: "factors" is a good word. "Breakdown" is also a good word.
24 gennaio 2012
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