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how to answer in korean when someone asked 잘지내? i know it means (how are u?) but is it correct to say ( 전 괜찮아 ??) to say (im okay) or (im fine )
Jan 24, 2012 1:46 PM
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Usually, it's 잘 지냈어요. But some say 그저 그래요. (So-so)
January 24, 2012
We usually reply like.... "응or 어, 잘 지내.(=yeah, I am fine or ok) 넌?" among close friends for "잘 지내?" We wouldn't say "전 괜찮아" for "I am fine" because "전" is a polite form and "괜찮아" is not polite. It should be "전 괜찮아요" with "요". Here are possible responses for that. (not polite, among close friends) A: 잘 지내? B: 응. 잘 지내. 넌? (I'm fine or ok) (polite, informal) A: 잘 시내시죠? B: 예. 잘 지내고 있어요.(=I am fine or ok) (polite, formal) A: 잘 지내십니까? B: 예, 잘 지내고 있습니다.(=I am fine or ok) \^o^/
January 25, 2012
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