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Cat Mc
¿Que son los mejores películas españoles o hispanoamericanos?
Jan 24, 2012 3:09 PM
Answers · 6
First of all, I'll correct and rewrite your question. ¿Qué películas son mejores, las españolas o las hipanoamericanas? or ¿Cuáles son mejores, las películas españolas o las hipanoamericanas? As you can see, you can make the same question in two ways (of course, there are more than two ways for asking this question but that's enough). Now, the answer depends on what you're talking about. Are you asking about the quality of the films or just to use them for practising Spanish? I'm not going to get into the first sense of the question. In relation to the 2nd one, I think the Spanish films are better for practising but this is a matter of taste. I particularly don't think films are a good tool for practising: - They are plenty of slang. - They speak too fast to be understood and changes the rhythm constantly. - You can find too many different accents and ways of speaking the same language. Try much better the news or documentary films.
January 24, 2012
Algunas pelis en español que me gustan: Sangre de mi Sangre Juego de la Verdad Mal Día Para Pescar Los Colors de la Montaña :)
January 24, 2012
Cat Mc
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