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Must "such as" be followed by at least two exmaples? When "such as" is used to give examples of something, it seems to be always followed by two or more examples. Can it be used to give only one example? Take, for example, the following sentence. "Cartoon characters such Mickey Mouse and Snoopy are still popular." If we omit "Mickey Mouse" or "Snoopy" and the conjunction "and", is the sentence grammatical yet?
Jan 25, 2012 4:25 AM
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There is no need to include more than one item in a list preceded by "such as". I believe you commonly see people list more than one item because the term "such as" implies that there are many items that could be listed as opposed to just one. Using more than one item in the list, emphasizes that there are multiple items to choose from. Having said that "Cartoon characters such AS (you forgot to include the "as" in your sentence) Mickey Mouse are still popular." is a perfectly fine sentence. I assume you are talking about older cartoon characters and if so, adding "older" prior to "Cartoon" would be better, but not necessary.
January 25, 2012
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