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"It was worth everything." Is there any other phrase which has the same meaning?
25 يناير 2012 04:53
Answers · 2
There are several phrases with similar meaning, but, like all phrases, they vary by tenses. So the phrase "It was worth everything" has many forms in itself. For example, that is past tense. You can also say "It is worth everything." (present tense), "It will be worth everything." (Future tense). You can also say a phrase like "It is/was/will be everything to me. (Is being present tense, was being past tense, will be being future tense.) It is everything to me, is similar to saying "It means everything to me/It's worth everything to me.". You can also say "It means the world to me." and it implies the same sort of meaning/scenario.
25 يناير 2012
A lot of phrases mean this. Your phrase is just fine. Here are a few more: The reward was worth the effort. Hard work pays off. In the end, the pain and suffering was worth it. The ends justified the means. The risk was worth the reward. It was a big gamble but it paid off.
25 يناير 2012
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