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What are the attributive only adjectives? Most adjectives can be used for attributive and predicative. but some adjectives are used for either one. for example of predicative only, "aware" can be used after "be". *attributive: aware [noun] <- incorrect *predicative: be aware of <- correct for example of attributive only, "uneasy" can describe a noun. but it can't be used after "be". *attributive: uneasy [noun] <- correct *predicative: be uneasy <- incorrect What else are the attributive only adjectives?
25 янв. 2012 г., 19:41
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Attributive adjectives: countless, eastern (northern, etc.), existing, neighboring, atomic, indoor, occasional, digital, introductory, outdoor, maximum, absolute,complete, entire, outright, perfect, positive, pure, true, real, utter, total.
25 января 2012 г.
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