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what is meaning of 'oppa' ?it is brother or what ?
2012年1月26日 12:45
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The answer given is close but not completely correct. 오빠 oppa, means older brother for girls. This can be in the literal sense that someone is their brother. However, it is also used by girls to older men (even if they are not their boyfriend) It's a respectful way to name some body 형 hyeong (hyung) Is what men call their older brothers (and older males) 언니 eoni is older sister for females. Again this can mean actual sister, or to an older girl. 누나 nuna is what guys call their older sisters and again girls who are older than them so to sum up 오빠 what girls call older guys 형 what guys call older guys 언니 what girls call older girls 누나 what guys call older girls
thank you . i understand now :)
oppa-What a women would call their boyfriends/ older brothers/ male friends
oppa is for boydriend ang hyung is for girlfriend
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