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the book or the internet ? which one ? why or why not?
26 de ene de 2012 17:07
Answers · 12
Both are different media. Books usually contain text and images only. But internet contains text,images, videos, sounds ,etc. Most important feature of internet is interactivity. it makes internet unique. For reading long text contents printed media is the best even though it is possible to read on net. Especially for literature like novels, books are best, i think. May be that's why internet (websites) provide facility to print the content. That means even internet agrees the importance of printed media. Books can't replace internet. But internet can replace books in some way. This doesn't mean that internet is always best, rather, books are best in some cases. Another point is that, a book can be read on internet (either on the screen or on paper after printing it) but we can't access the internet from a book :) So, internet for interactivity and books (printed media) for reading. This is what i think.
2 de Febrero de 2012
a book to sleep, the internet to don't ))
26 de Enero de 2012
А book for soul, internet for interneinment, education, and...italks))
26 de Enero de 2012
I would rather read a book because I get too distracted when using the net!
26 de Enero de 2012
For me, I prefer the internet. It allows you to read about many things not as the book ;).
26 de Enero de 2012
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