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What local foods is your country or province famous for?
2012年1月27日 06:27
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In Turkish cuisine Dolmas are famous.The best known Dolma is 'stuffed grape leaves'(called 'yaprak dolması' in Turkish) Kebabs are also known worldwide and available everywhere in Turkey. Börek are pieces or whole tray of baked goods stuffed with either cheese,spinach and/or in combination of meat. Baklava, Kadayıf,Sütlaç,Muhallebi and Kazandibi are the most popular Turkish desserts. We always offer to our guests 'Çay'(black tea) and our famous Turkish Coffee for any occasion,at anytime in anywhere. They are just simple examples about our cuisine,we have much more foods and drinks:)
In IRAN local foods is Very Much ,Each City Have a special food ,but common food is Those Foods that Makes With Rice .... BUT Unfortunately ...The Foods have low quality here by the way ,Excuse Me if this text had wrong in write
China is a huge country and Chinese in different places enjoy different foods. As to my hometown, ChongQing, the southwest city in China, the famous and popular food is hot pot? In my opinion, Hot pot is a culture rather than just a food. When you and your friend go for a hot pot dinner,a big pot of soup filled with spice will be served, keeping be heated. There are more than 40 or 50 kinds of food available. You can order according to your and your friends' favor. When the food are served and the soup are boiling, you can help yourself to choose your favorite food, putting into the pot and heat them. Around one minute later, enjoy your food with some spice in your bowl! Hot pots are popular in all of the four seasons and I regard the food is the best especially for a friends party, eating, drinking, telling joys and etc. Typing these words makes me drooling!!
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