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Pete Familton
Talking about people you like in spanish I read that you need to be careful using the verb 'gustar' when describing people who you like (e.g. as a friend) in spanish, because it can have certain sexual overtones. However I'm not sure of a suitable alternative, since this verb is used in nearly every other situation when describing things that we like. I would appreciate any suggestions!
Jan 27, 2012 10:38 PM
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Hi Cohen 1. When you met someone and you are not acquainted too much, you can use the phrase "oye, me agradas" which can be roughly translated as I like you. It will not be misunderstood, it will only give the idea that you like the person and you feel like you might get along. 2. For more emphasis, you can say "me caes bien" or "me caes muy bien" which literally means "you fall ok on me" but I know that makes no sense, however in most spanish speaking countries this is understood. 3. "Me gustas" you can use it for a girl you think it's pretty or you find attractive, you tell this to a guy and will instantly walk away from you! or block you if you are chatting. 4. You can try to be more detailed on things you want to point out, things you like, "Me gusta tu forma de pensar" or "Me agrada tu forma de pensar" - I like your thinking - with this phrase people will understand you agree on whatever they think/ "Me parece bien lo que dices" - Not literal but roughly translates as --> I like what you are saying. 5. For something that you really really like a lot, then you use "Me encanta!" and here you are not pointing to anything in specific, actually this is McDonald's slogan in Mexico, instead of "I'm loving it". So for the things that we like the most, we use ´me encanta´ ... it's almost like a superlative, but not exactly. 6. "Me fascina" is equally interchangable with "me encanta". Now if you say to someone "me encantas" or "me fascinas" then an overtone will be understood.... Best regards!
January 28, 2012
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January 27, 2012
Hi Thales! :) Hmm.. Yes, you're right. If you say 'Me gustás', the other may think there's something more than friendship (not all people though). I suggest you add more details to that sentence, for example: I like the way you are (Me gusta tu forma de ser).. In any other situations you can use 'LIKE' and it will be fine. :)
January 27, 2012
I don't know... but i think it depends on the tone of voice u say it and the context in which you are saying it... Also, u can say to a friend: "me gustas" clarifing him/her why u like him/her, then, s/he won't misunderstand u, for example: "me gustas porque eres alegre"...
January 28, 2012
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March 21, 2013
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