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How to say these sentences in Korean? (Help fast please!!) - Do you have any tips for (how to do well on) dance auditions/exams/performance? or alternatively - How to do well on dance auditions/exams/performance? It's kind of the same sentence really. Write in 한글 please ^^ 감사합니다~
Jan 28, 2012 11:06 AM
Answers · 2
댄스 오디션에 대해서 팁을 가르쳐 주실 수 있나요? (그렇지 않으면,) 어떻게 해야 댄스 오디션에서 좋은 점수를 얻을 수 있을까요? Second question : I just corrected bit, but it's same meaning! 'How can I get good score on dance auditions?'
January 28, 2012
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