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"would" in this sentence hi, would you please help me with this sentence which I read from an article. I find myself in complete agreement with them with regard to experiments for cosmetic purposes. I cannot think of a single item of toiletry which WOULD justify pain or death to an animal. 1. does it because it's an assumed situation, the author could not use "WILL" here? 2. can I use "COULD" or "MIGHT" instead of "WOULD" here? Thanks!
28 de ene de 2012 14:51
Answers · 9
I personally think both "would" and "could" sound write in the second sentence. Who wrote the first sentence as thats sounds incorrect but I am also not an English teacher.
28 de Enero de 2012
The first sentence is fine. 1. The author didn't use WILL because that would mean the experiments would definitely cause pain or death and that is not certain. 2. There is not much difference with WOULD, COULD and MIGHT in this context. It's more a case of degrees of possibility. WOULD is more likely, COULD less likely and MIGHT more unlikely.
28 de Enero de 2012
Find a grammar book and look up "subjunctive".
28 de Enero de 2012
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