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Does the phrase "take it" have a meaning of "accept it"? "You are rude, and I'm not gonna sit here and take it." Does "take it" have a meaning of "accept it"? Only in negative cases? Thanks!
29 de ene de 2012 2:32
Answers · 7
If we were to expand on this sentence we would say "not going to take this rudeness from you". The speaker is implying that they should not have to endure (or accept) such rudeness. Your logic is correct. Well done!
29 de Enero de 2012
It doesn't mean to accept it, but to tolerate without protest.
29 de Enero de 2012
In your context it means you don't have to 'put up with it' or 'stand for it' or as you said 'accept it'. 'take it' can be said ten different ways and mean ten different things.
29 de Enero de 2012
"Take it" carries a sarcastic connotation. The meaning is the same as saying, "If you don't like it, too bad for you".
29 de Enero de 2012
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