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me and my magic man kinda feelinf fine.what's mean " kinda" sorry for mistake in word "feeling"It is not my sentence.It is from a song text.
2012년 1월 29일 오후 12:27
Answers · 4
Eduard, "kinda" is the short form of "kind of". It's like "типа" in Russian. They also have "gonna" (going to), "wanna" (want to) and others. Anyhow, as dancingbear said, it's corrupt English.
2012년 2월 1일
You should be aware that that your sentence is an example of corrupt English, Sounds like Ebonics to me.
2012년 1월 29일
What's mean "kinda" it should be What does "kinda" mean?
2012년 1월 29일
kinda= Kind of. sorta=Sort of.
2012년 1월 29일
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