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Can't say "r", "l" and "sh" in Chinese. Hello! Now I help an eight-year boy to learn Chinese. Today was my first lesson. And I already have two problems. The first problem is that he says "hǎo" like "hǎ-o". He divides these sounds. His mother said that he has such a manner - to divide sounds - in Russian too. The second problem is that he can't say "èR", "Liù", "SHí". It's problem sounds for him in Russian and, consequently, in Chinese. I don't know, will Chinese people understand this boy? Are there Chinese people who have impediments? Should I teach this boy Chinese further? Thank you!
Jan 29, 2012 6:46 PM
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I think if the boy really can not pronounce "r" or "sh"or"l", it wont be a big problem for Chinese to understand it. Even some places of China like Guangdong or Guangxi can not pronounce these well, but we still can understand what they say.Anyway, "practice makes perfect",you can ask the boy listen to the Chienese native speaking more and practice more, I think he can get a good way to manage it well one day!:)
January 31, 2012
personally i think this kid will eventually fix this up as long as you make him practice more and listen more, i mean after hunderds of times in practicing, his brain will react and then correct it. i really don't think gramma theory is good way right now for him to solve this problem. Besides, i suggest you download some vedios of how to pronounce to help him. good luck.
January 30, 2012
Chinese pronunciation is different from language like English. like hao,divide it to h-ao.The H is 声母(sheng mu)and ao is 韵母(yun mu).Sorry,I dont know how to express in English.If you want to know Chinese pronunciation,you'd better to learn sth about 拼音(pin yin) in Chinese and you can find IPA to help to learn it. Like other problem,Liu is L-i-u and Shi is Sh-i.I dont know er here. If you can know pronunciation of every shengmu and yunmu,you would know all above. BTW,there are some rules between shengmu and yunmu when they get together.
January 29, 2012
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