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is it possible to say 'I thought I made a mistake.'? my teacher and I had an argument about one of my comments in facebook in which I wrote 'I thought I made a mistake'. she says that I have to use past perfect for the second verb as far as it is the second action that happened. I said I know it is more formal to use past perfect, still mine is correct in American spoken language. please do answer!
2012년 1월 29일 오후 7:58
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It is probably better to say "I thought I had made a mistake" - English is English - don't get confused by what you hear in films or from musicians. They are not trying to teach the language but to get across a mood. It's better to strive to speak the language as well as possible if you are interested. Good Luck :)
2012년 1월 29일
at school i was told what your teacher told i agree with her/him
2012년 1월 29일
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