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How do peoople in Spain pronunce the letters "i", "v" and "w"? I heard there two ways to pronunce i, v and w in Spanish, which are "i-latina, ve chica, ve doble" and "i, uve, doble uve". Which one is pronunced in Spain? If the answer is both, then which one is official or used in educational situations? Thanks!
31 Oca 2012 05:36
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In Spain we say: i : " i " or " i latina" to distinguish it from "y griega" (y) v : "uve" w: "uve doble"
31 Ocak 2012
This is a really useful site to learn Phonetics. =)
31 Ocak 2012
I'm from latinamerica and, as far as I know, Spain is the only country in which W is called "uve doble". In the other countries is "Doble ve" or "Doble u". And also, in Spain they used to say "i" to "y" but in other countries, like Nicaragua, Colombia, Mexico,etc. We called it "ye". I guess, because Spanish is a multi-cultural language is very rich. Saludos ;)
31 Ocak 2012
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