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Peter Dechi
how to find local foreigners in the Internet?(I mean HOW,it's not friend request, don't delete it. I major in Bushiness English,I find that the deeper meaning you wanna express or translate,the fewer proper expressions you can learn from books or online.Such as:地道的英语,文化缩影,见证,烧香拜佛……And I don't wanna see Chinese's lame translation that is looked as best translation anymore.For example,I live in Nanning,GuangXi,if I can find a local foreigner,so we can learn each others' language faster and better.But how,any website available?
31 يناير 2012 07:36
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You could try to find local meet-up groups on the internet (i.e., especially for practising English. Or if there is a decent amout of tourism there, you can volunteer to help out.
31 يناير 2012
Peter Dechi
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