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little dog
How was your attitude toward students pronouncing inexactly? I am taking a conversation class on skype, but my teacher just focused on my pronunciation. So for one lesson, I just pronounce under 5 new words. Besides, I didn't study at all. How the terrible lesson was!
Jan 31, 2012 11:09 AM
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It's a matter of degree. The ability to communicate is key. A teacher should not interrupt a student in the middle of discourse as long as the student can be understood. Such an interruption disrupts the student's train of thought and can be demoralizing. Persistent mistakes can be pointed out later, either one-on-one or to the class as a whole, without singling out the perpetrator. Correcting any kind of mistake is a delicate process requiring some sensitivity.
January 31, 2012
You mean if someone mispronounces something? It's ok even English native speakers sometimes say a word wrong. I just tell them "Oh, you say it like this.....".
January 31, 2012
If we are talking about students who are learning English language as a second language, we must consider few very important facts which are : age of the students, period of learning... If we talk about age of the children who started to learn English as L2 very early around the age of 5, those children have much better chance to reach almost native accent, for the children who started to learn after critical period, chance for having almost native accent is lower. If we are teaching to Phonology and Phonetics as a courses on University we than have right to be strict to students, if we are teaching students at schools, we should better focus to improve their fluency. We can not correct every word which is not pronounced correctly because that would lower children motivation for further development.
January 31, 2012
little dog
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