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-게 돼다 when shall i use this ?~~~ there are two structures that seem a bit similar to me. "지요" (따뜻해졌어요) "게 돼다" (알게 됐다) then both seem to be like coming to the realization of that verb/adjective. i mean, "it became warm" and "i came to know" when should i use 게 됐다?
Jan 31, 2012 11:32 AM
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"-(어/어/여/해) 지다" only works for adjectives, and it is used to indicate that sth is in the process of change, so that it often goes with "gradually" On the other hand, "되다" can be used with nouns, verbs or adjectives. (nouns + 이/가 되다, verbs or adjectives + 게 되다) The dictionary form is "되다" not "돼다", and "됐다" is short for "되었다" which is the past form of "되다" "verbs or adjectives + 게 됐다(or 되었다)" can mean that (finally) "..ended up..","...became..." or "have/has become..." \^o^/
January 31, 2012
In Korean, Verb and Adjective are basically similar. * get to _ = _하게 되다. ex) I got to _know_ her. = 그녀를 _알_게 되었다. * get/become <> = <>게 되다. ex) Weather got . = 날씨가 <따뜻하>게 되었다. * become [ ] = [ ]가 되다. ex) She became [a professor]. = 그녀는 [교수]가 되었다.
February 1, 2012
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