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Paul Zhang
Tell me how to describe someone's hair I know the color: gray, blond, white, red, black. What about the length? the appearance? curl or no curl? How to make a sentence? e.g. He got/has black long curl hair. Is it right?
31 de ene de 2012 13:24
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Wow, this is one broad topic...First of all, as regards the order of adjectives in a phrase...First you start with the length: long/shoulder-length semi-long/of medium length short/cropped (meaning really short, like soldiers have) bald receding hairline (growing bald, especially around temples) Then you mention the colour: black/ jet-black brown/ chestnut/ auburn (reddish-brown) red/ ginger/ fiery red grey/ grizzled (partly grey) blond (for males) blonde (females)/ mousy (greyish-blonde) Then you describe the texture/ quality straight wavy curly You can describe someone's hair by mentioning their hairstyle: plaits/braids (like little girls have) dreadlocks (Rastafarians) bun (like Mary Poppins) ponytail pigtails Someone can have neat, orderly hair, or tousled/messy/ dishevelled (like when you just get out of bed)
31 de Enero de 2012
for exampel : "he`s got long black curly hair." first you start by decribing the length of the hair: is it`short or long.? then you decribe the color? like you decribed bur you dont say curl hari, you say curly hair :)
31 de Enero de 2012
About the colors, there is one more: brown :) you can also say that hair is dark:) Lenght: long, semi-long or short Appearance: straight, wavy, curly The correct sentence is e.g. He / She has long, curly, dark hair.
31 de Enero de 2012
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