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Yongyoon Lee
Dream come true. which is the correct sentence of belows? Dream come true. Dreams come true. Dream comes true. please let me know the meanings of above sentences.
1 de feb de 2012 4:01
Answers · 2
They are all correct but it depends how you use them. Dreams come true you would use like; "I know it might sound weird but, dreams come true" or "You have to make your dreams come true" Now Dream come true it's all in present sense so it would be used like: "You are a dream come true" And Dream comes true would be used like: "His dream comes true" Im sorry I can only try to explain in examples. I hope this helped even just a little. ^^ The above person is correct :)
1 de Febrero de 2012
This is a dream come true = this is like a dream that has come true. Dreams come true = Dreams can come true. "Dream comes true" is meaningless by itself. You would have to make it part of a larger sentence. "He is hoping his dream comes true." "It is always exciting when a dream comes true."
1 de Febrero de 2012
Yongyoon Lee
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