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hi, what does it mean pinyin (拼音) or 注音?
17 de Abr de 2008 às 18:38
Answers · 2
Pinyin is similar to phonetic symbol in english which marks the pronunciation of words, e.g. 你好/nǐ,haǒ/ <-pinyin Pinyin built up with Latin alphabets was standardized in 1958 by China government for Mandarin Chinese, here is a web to learn Pinyin: 注音 created about 100 years ago is the old way to mark pronunciation of Chinese which was abandoned in 1958 by China mainland but still alive in Taiwan and some other places where the local people use Traditional Chinese. is it helpful?
18 de Abril de 2008
i want to explain in a nutshell. piyin is the pronunciation of words,it is a kind of attribute. but zhuyin stands for the action of marking the right pinyin to the words.
21 de Abril de 2008
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