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How to use"offer","provide","supply"?
Feb 3, 2012 7:24 AM
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From the internet: OFFER vt.提供, 提出, 出价, 贡献 vi.提议, 出现, 求婚 n.提议, 出价 Examples: 1. He came towards me, smiled and offered his hand. 他向我走来,微笑著伸出手来和我握手。 2. Ask her about it when a suitable moment offers itself. 这个问题你在适当的时候问问她吧。 3. I'll offer you 10 pounds for this book. 我出10 磅钱买你这本书。 4. There is little work on offer. 几乎没有什么工作可找。 5. He offered his seat to me. 他把座位让给了我。 SUPPLY n.供应, 补给, 贮备 vt.供应, 提供, 补充 Examples: 1. Pollution of the water supply reached a level pernicious to the health of the population. 水源污染已经达到危及居民健康的程度。 2. Demand began to exceed supply. 开始供不应求。 3. The camp has a plentiful supply of food. 营地有充足的食品供应。 4. The brain needs a continuous supply of blood. 大脑需要连续不断地供血。 5. The supply ships travelled in convoy. 补给船结队航行。 6. How many calories can an ounce of sugar supply? 一盎司糖可以供给多少卡热量? PROVIDE v.供给, 提供, 准备, 规定, 抚养 Examples: 1. The government has to provide against a possible oil shortage in the coming months. 政府须为未来几个月中可能出现的油荒作好准备。 2. The possibility of the book being translated is provided for in your contract. 在你们的合同中已订定有可能要翻译这本书。 3. These books will provide us with all the information we need. 这本书将为我们提供所需要的全部信息。 4. The hotel provides a reservation of tickets for its residents. 这家旅馆为旅客提供订票服务。
February 3, 2012
1:immigrate:从国外移来,移居入境。使移居入境。不及物动词。 2:immigrant:从国外移来的,移民的,侨民的。名词移民,侨民,从异地移入的动植物。形容词。 3:emigrate:永久移居国外与immigrate相对,迁移。 4:migrate:候鸟定期移栖。鱼群回游,移居国外迁移。 我们不难看出是有区别的。
February 3, 2012
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