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Do "there is one too many..." equal "there's way too many"?thanks! There's one too many chiefs in this barnyard.
3 feb 2012 09:43
Answers · 6
1. There's one too many. 2. There ARE way too many.
3 februari 2012
No, the expressions are not equivalent. The phrase "one too many" might not be intended literally, but it would not assumed the same as "way too many". "Way too many" means "a lot". The example "there's one too many chiefs in this barnyard" is an aggressive manner of speaking, one challenging another for supremacy.
3 februari 2012
No , "one too many " infers that, just one extra. "Way too many" infers a lot more , you know say you asked your friend if he wanted a candy and he said "yes" so you gave him ten pieces, he might say " that's way too many"
3 februari 2012
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