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How do you say "Believing in love again" or "Believing to love again"? in Mandarin Chinese How do you say "Believing in love again" or "Believing to love again"? Would you say, 我再一次相信了愛情?Or is there a different or better way to say it? If there are different variations, or even "poetic" way to say, please let me know..thanks Explanations with detail are preferred with answer
2012年2月3日 14:35
Answers · 5
"Believing in love again" 為愛再相信一次 I consider "Believing" is the subject of the sentence... thus, I use "為愛" to be an adv. for "再相信一次" what a lucky guy to heard this from you.... @^_^@
Believing in love is the correct answer . We always believe " in" something not " to" something so believing to love is not correct
"我再一次相信了愛情" 听起来没问题; 但"再一次相信爱" 比较地道。 It's just like "believing in love again" sounds a bit more poetic than "I believe in love again" LOL
爱,让我再一次相信。 这次你遇到的爱情把你之前的想法改变。 爱,我再一次相信你。 你给了爱情又一次机会。
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