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When should you use はor が when you're referring to the subject?
Feb 3, 2012 5:07 PM
Answers · 4
Hi, there are following examples that when you use "wa" and "ga" and "o" in a conversation. "This book is interesting." 「この 本 は おもしろい。(kono hon wa omoshiroi.)」 "That apple was rotten." 「あの リンゴ は くさって いたよ。(ano ringo wa kusatte itayo.)」 "The book is burning." 「本 が もえて います。(hon ga moete imasu.)」 "The baby is crying." 「あかちゃん が ないて います。(akachan ga naite imasu.)」 "Put your books away." 「本 を かたづけ なさい。(hon o kataduke nasai.)」 "He broke his promise." 「かれ は やくそく を やぶった。(kare wa yakusoku o yabutta.)」 Good luck!
February 3, 2012
は is commonly used to make something as topic, while が is used mainly to describe an object. :)
February 3, 2012
yes, that's basic and interesting to know. im commenting to follow the replies.
February 3, 2012
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