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you're a lot to take in? a old lady ran into a waiter in a party,this waiter was very handsome. then the old lady seemed like make fun with the waiter:"you're a lot to take in,aren't you?" does it mean this waiter too handsome to be a waiter?or,because he is handsome so he can recieve much much tips? or something?
4 فبراير 2012 13:19
Answers · 2
When something is "a lot to take in" it is generally something overwhelming or inspiring. So after a difficult class someone might say "That was a lot to take in." In this case, it seems that the lady was suggesting that the waiter was very handsome (or we might say "strikingly handsome"). :o)
4 فبراير 2012
Just that he is very handsome. We also use this term when somebody has a very complicated personality or has an overbearing personality.
4 فبراير 2012
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