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The clearner took my cellphone while he was cleaning my desk. Can I say: "The cleaner took my cellphone in passing when he cleaned my desk"?BTW, Can I say:"drop the kids off in passing on your way to work"?
Feb 4, 2012 2:50 PM
Answers · 6
Not really. To do something "in passing" means to do it spontaneously, without much or any pre-planning (e.g., "He told me in passing that he was joining a fitness studio."). To take a phone or to drop off kids at school are deliberate and--at least in the second example--planned in advance.
February 4, 2012
You can, but its not really right " In passing " usually refers to a remark made in passing so it is better to say " The cleaner took my cellphone when he was cleaned my desk " and the same goes for :"drop the kids off in passing on your way to work , its not right just say " drop the kids off on the way to work" hope this helps
February 4, 2012
No, you can't. You can say' the cleaner took my phone when he passed by my desk' or 'the cleaner took my phone when he cleaned my desk'.
February 4, 2012
yes you can
February 4, 2012
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