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Princess Rose Heart
How do you explain the rules is RELATIVE PRONOUNS (who, which, that ) ?? for geammar ?!!
Feb 4, 2012 10:54 PM
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I learned this lesson in my school too, last semester. "who" is used to explain subject for a person ex: I meet the man who works in hospital That sentence come from "I meet the man. He works in hospital. S+V+O+who+V "which" is used for things not human. it explains subject, predicate, or object ex: The house which you visited yesterday is awesome. you can use "that" for human and thing. So this is "free" relative pronouns ex: She buys a clothes that available in the shop, He talked to the man that gave me a candy Hope it could help you
February 5, 2012
How do you explain the rules is RELATIVE PRONOUNS (who, which, that ) ?? = REWRITE: How do you explain the rules for (the use of) the relative pronouns "who," "which," and "that"? 1. For PEOPLE: who, whoever, whosoever, whom, whomever, whom, for whom, whose (possession), that 2. For THINGS: what, whatever, that (restrictive clause), which (nonrestrictive clause), whichever, of which, in which As you can see, "that" can be used for people or things. I prefer to use "who" over "that" for a person. I also liked what Tina Blue wrote:
February 5, 2012
Easy. Is it a person? Use "who". Can you cut the extra information out without confusing the sentence? Use "which" (with commas, please). Will the meaning of the sentence change if you cut the extra information out? You really need it?? Use "that".
February 4, 2012
Princess Rose Heart
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