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"我坚持不能说放任你哭泣“ 是什么意思? 这是王力宏的歌词在他的歌“你不知道的事“, 不知道这是什么意思。 清告诉我用英语。
Feb 5, 2012 4:59 AM
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I won't tell you why (I'm breaking up with you), I'd rather let you cry.
February 5, 2012
看過了他的 mv 後 覺得這的確是一古怪的句子 這句話沒有斷句 串用了過多的動詞 卻沒把意思表達清楚 我的理解是 : 你不知道我為什麼離開你 , 我執意不說出原因 , 我放任你哭泣 , 你的淚滴因此像傾盆大雨 . 要表達對意志的執著應用"執意" "執意" 才是合乎中文的表達方式
February 5, 2012
放任你哭泣:let you cry 坚持不能说:insist on not saying 我坚持不能说放任你哭泣:"I insist on not letting you cry" or "I insist on not saying to you ' cry, as you like' " These two are my best guess, anyway~~o(∩_∩)o...
February 5, 2012
it said the boy doesn't want to leave his gf,but he has to do, he is depressed,heart broken,but can't tell her gf. 我坚持不能说放任你哭泣:i can't say that ,let you cry(at the same time, it breaks my heart).
February 5, 2012
It means I can't tell you why no matter how. I have to let you cry, even though watching you cry breaks my heart. Actually, it can be divided into two sentences. 我坚持不能说:I can't tell you why I have to tell you no matter how. 放任你哭泣: I have to let you cry.
February 7, 2012
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