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Chinese or English grammer, which is easier? when I say grammer, I only refer to part of it, the tense. I just saw a post, it shows how complex and confused the English language's tense seems to the learners. in Chinese, it is more easier. there are no variants of the verbs. it's said there are 16 tenses in English, oh my god. Chinese language does not define tenses in particular(right?), also it does not add 'd'/'ed'/'s'/'es' to a verb, it does not add 'have been', but it can express the same tenses by other ways. sorry cuz my poor English I can't express this exactly. At last, I think in grammer Chinese is more easier than English.
Feb 5, 2012 2:51 PM
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It's a quite literal point a view to say Chinese has no tense. It has to have. Like you say. I'm afraid most linguists can't agree with you on that one - Chinese grammar's easier. 'Cuz it's not. Hard to measure, or do a comparison, but the linguists would probably tell you Chinese is way more difficult than at least, English and an amount of Latin-Indo-Eu-based languages, either in grammar or semantics. The reason why its grammar isn't so easy is exactly because there "isn't" grammar in Chinese, if you know what I mean. Too trivial, too separate, too inconcludable.
February 5, 2012
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