How could I learn Mandarin ?
Feb 6, 2012 10:58 PM
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Get a Chinese friend!
February 9, 2012
Apply for an university in Chinese or find me directly~ :p
April 22, 2013
I think of the best way is you can come to China because you know for every one learning a new language the best way is living in the environment for can hear and speak the language every time. If you can't you can try to find a Mandarin Chinese speaker friend and talk with him face to face, if can't too maybe can find a one try to talk on skype maybe not a bad idea too, but you must keep do it everyday, and anyway I think of whatever you learn a thing you must have a reason can let's you have enough power to keeping it,so find a good reason to yourself for learning Chinese, and make a plan for learn it,then step by step to do it, good luck to you!
July 13, 2012
好好学习,天天向上。you know this?lol~
July 13, 2012
I'd like to help you learn Chinese...coz I'm gonna learn Czech this summer...↖(^ω^)↗
May 20, 2012
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