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where can use "due"?
6 февр. 2012 г., 23:55
Answers · 2
Are you asking about the use of "due to" rather than "because of"? Use "due to" when followed by a form of the verb "to be". For example, "the delay was due to bad weather". Use "because of" after other verbs. Actually, many people consider "due to" and "because of" to be interchangeable.
7 февраля 2012 г.
There is a better way to phrase your question: "Where can I use the word 'due'?" or "How do I use the word 'due'?" The primary meaning of 'due' is if something is owed to someone. For example, if a student must give an assignment to their teacher by February 15th, the due date is February 15th.
7 февраля 2012 г.
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