you last call connies don't stand a chance??? In a bar.a 80-year-old woman,three 40-year-old women,many pretty yong girls,and men. the old woman said to the three middle age women."you know,with all these pretty yong girls around,you last call connies don't stand a chance." what "you last call connies" means?Is it a idiom?
Feb 7, 2012 6:49 AM
Answers · 1
We might say the expression is an idiom in the sense it is one person's way of expressing herself. In this case, the alliterative female name "Connie" is being used as a generic reference to women. The speaker is saying that the older women will not get as much attention from the men as the younger women. "Last call" is the phrase a bartender uses to warn patrons about the establishment's pending close. It is possible that men and women who have not paired up yet will do so in the last few minutes the bar is open. The phrase "last call connies" also makes light of the idea the older women will not have paired up by the time of last call and are hoping to do so in those last few desperate moments.
February 7, 2012
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