Need help to translate Georgian to English :) Here is a set of questions and answers between two people, they are talking about my friend and I would like to know what they are saying :) Caroline normalurad iqceoda? vigac gogo gamechita ragac klubshi movida da shen bukas megobari xaro xo? ese mitda da xo metki da shen da buka kvelaze sexualurebi xart mtel hartpurishio :) hahahahaa vtynavt palajenias kaoche mand chven xoo nu ziritadad me vtynav ... ar wamovida? clubshi ara zeg tamashobs me ar vtamashob da isvenebs bavshvi aedi mezineba da mitxari ra ras izav gakeneben tu ara Thanks for any help :)))
Feb 7, 2012 1:54 PM
Answers · 1
Caroline behaves well? I saw some girls in the club came to me and asket "are you Guka's friend?" she asked me. I asked you and Guka are The sexual in the "hartpurishio" its very bad sentens -------------------------------------------------- unpolite dont came in the club? no after tomorrow plays I dont play and rest a child pleas tell me what will you do? -------------------
April 24, 2012
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