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Translate to English: neng jiao ge peng you ma and thanks :)
Feb 7, 2012 7:00 PM
Answers · 7
It means: Can we become friends?It is a request.Or we can say"jiao ge peng you ba".It's a proposal.
February 8, 2012
Could we be friends?
February 9, 2012
能叫个朋友吗?( Could you bring me a friend of yours?) or 能交个朋友吗?( Could you be my buddy friend or sweetheart friend?) I think what you are talking about is the last.
February 8, 2012
someday you meet a person (maybe you know him or her by your friends,)and you talk a lot,then you find he or she is a good person for you,and you want him or her to be your friend.
February 8, 2012
it means "can you make friends with me?”
February 8, 2012
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