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wondering what makes a person attractive? is it the clothes or personality? what can you do To improve and be more attractive...........?????
2012年2月8日 16:10
Answers · 8
Everyone is attractive and unattractive, it depends on who is looking at you. To be attractive you have to have what someone wants, in looks and in personality, but it's stupid to allow yourself to fall in love/lust over a pretty person, as looks are guaranteed to change, then what will be left? If I had the choice between a beautiful looking woman with a bad personality and an average looking woman with a fantastic personality, the personality would win every single day of the week. No matter how beautiful a woman looks, I've got no patience with a bad attitude, I can live just fine without her. :) As we say here, in our Geordie dialect, "Chuck it back in the wata!" meaning, throw the fish back in the ocean, it's a bad one.
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