Texas Hold’em poker 1.In Texas Hold’em poker, what does “Make my flush on the river” mean? "i'm holding a flush right now"? 2. If player calls for time, it means people should check the time and start the count down?
Feb 8, 2012 4:52 PM
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Ah, I had some translations about Texas Hold 'em :) "Make my flush on the river": "The river" refers to the last card that is dealt in Texas Hold 'em and it is dealt face up. Someone would say this phrase if they had 4 cards of a flush in their hand, for example, and they need one more card to make a flush and there was one card left to deal in the hand - the "river" card. They might say (after the hand is over) something like "I had 4 spades and I was hoping to make my flush on the river." It means that they hoped to get a 5th spade dealt to them on the last card so that they would have a flush. (A flush is 5 cards all of the same suit.) "Calling time": This is a little bit more difficult to understand from what I've read, but I think it has to do with timing during the betting phase of the poker. If you look at #4 and #7 on this page: http://www.casinorulebook.com/tournament-texas-hold-em-rules.php It looks like the players can be timed when the turns for betting are going around and if a player takes too long to decide how to bet, another player can call "time" on him. I THINK when you call time on a player, that player might have to decide immediately how to bet, or else not be allowed to play in the hand. Here are some useful references about poker and poker terminology: http://www.cardschat.com/poker/guide/glossary http://www.wsop.com/poker-games/texas-holdem/rules/ http://www.practicalgambling.com/poker_terms.html#T
February 8, 2012
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