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punishment what do you think of execution for killing( capital punishment)? should it not be used ?
8 февр. 2012 г., 17:00
Answers · 4
It’s debatable question. I think there is at least one good reason against death sentence. Where is the guarantee that legal system won’t fail and sentence an innocent person? We can say with 100% confidence who the criminal is only in movies and life is not a movie. But sometimes we all wish some “monsters” didn’t exist.
8 февраля 2012 г.
killing people is wrong
8 февраля 2012 г.
It should be used depending on the crime the person commited :)
8 февраля 2012 г.
I think the government of the UK should bring back corporal punishment. Our justice system is a joke, throughout the world. I think there should be an established line of severity, and any criminal who goes beyond that level of severity of crime should be killed. For example, a teenager - or any man, who tricks his way in to an old woman's house, she welcomes him inside, makes him a cup of tea, he rapes her, breaks her nose and steals £5.00 from her purse? Kill him. Why? To enforce and reaffirm that we believe that certain behaviour is unacceptable. I know someone who works in child care, they know of people who --------- ok I'm going to have to censor this because this is potentially a family website - they know of people who will restrain children and force certain things to happen, which should never happen. Then they laugh on the internet about it, and make videos? Kill them. Why? Because they add nothing to society or mankind. So, I think bring it back, for some people, and only if their crimes are proven beyond doubt.
8 февраля 2012 г.
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