Jesse Michael Young
Help me translate '由于时间关系我也准备好了‘ into English properly. "由于时间关系我也准备好了", I translated as: "Thanks to my relationship with the past I've also become well-prepared". But I'm not quite sure, all help is appreciated! 谢谢Okay maybe I didn't include the full sentence, so here is everything: 羊是很容易骗的 只要有一张羊皮 由于时间关系我也准备好了 我呀就装成他们的亲戚 然后
Feb 9, 2012 2:13 AM
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commonly, when we say "由于时间关系“(because of the time limit), it means we can't take long time to do the follow things or prepare something well, eg, 由于时间关系我只能给你10分钟吃饭=because of the time limit, I only can give you 10 minutes for dinner. so "由于时间关系我也准备好了”,I can't understand it has any sense, if say"由于时间关系我没有准备很好“(because of the time limit, I haven't prepared well)will be understood,but it will not fit the context. I think should be "我已经准备好了,只要等时机成熟了我就……”(I am ready.only wait the time is right,I will……)
February 9, 2012
Doesn't make sense to me either. 我也准备好了 = I am ready/prepared. But what has that to do with 由于时间关系? Maybe: I'm prepared for the time ahead.
February 9, 2012
I've prepared for it's time to do.
February 9, 2012
well,in my opinion,i think that:because of the little time,i have also prepared well(it means,perhaps,i don't have much time,so,i must prepare quickly,and now,i prepare well)
February 9, 2012
Hi Jesse, if you say 由于时间关系我也准备好了 out of context, I couldn't make head or tail of It. however here it means that “I have to say that I am ready due to time constraints”, because his wife is in a hurry to get a sheep, he doesn't have much time to prepare....he need to take action right now to please his wife by catching a got it?
February 9, 2012
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