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why there is no "on' between comments and Wednesday? i read an news and there is a sentence is:In his comments wednesday,he said the united statesmust work to remove trade barriers and open new markets. my question is no "on" between comments and wednesday?
Feb 9, 2012 8:43 AM
Answers · 4
There are "silent" or "understood" words in English often. One of the most common is "You." Let me show you: Run upstairs. Who? Right, you. Here is another example of pronouns and ideas missing in correct speech. "Just like that?" This is a complete sentence if it is spoken. The "It was" is understood.... Just like that.
February 14, 2012
The "on" can be omitted.
February 9, 2012
Informally as an adverb, the weekdays. Whereas if you used "on", it'd make "comments" ambiguous --- whether the comments are on the topic, "Wednesday", or the "on" is with "Wed", not "comments".
February 9, 2012
In this case, no "on" is necessary. The sentence is fine as is.
February 9, 2012
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