If someone's last name is "de ..." then is he or she a royal? Like the King of Spain, his last name is "de Borbón", right? If someone's last name is "de ..." then is he or she a royal? Thanks!I'm just a beginner, so please answer me in English. :P
Feb 9, 2012 9:12 AM
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In Latin America married women use the "de" followed by the surname of our husband. Ex: Andres Jimenez husband's name. Ximena Rodriguez "de" Jimenez name after marriage of the wife. Although still a few families of Spanish origin, have the surname with the preposition "de" which does not imply that they are royalty. Ex: Carlos De Francisco. En América Latina las mujeres casadas usamos el "de" seguido del apellido de nuestro esposo. Ej: Andrés Jiménez nombre del esposo. Ximena Rodríguez "de" Jiménez nombre que lleva la esposa después del matrimonio. Aunque algunas familias de origen español todavía conservan el apellido con la preposición "de", eso no implica que sean de la realeza. EJ: Carlos De Francisco.
February 11, 2012
For example in Argentine when we use "de" before the last name means that the person is a woman and this last name is of her husband. This is the married last name. The mens always use the same last name (inherited from fathers not from mothers). How is in Chinas? Regards
February 9, 2012
Due to the influence of France (where in past centuries in which the preposition "de" prefixed to the name was indicative of an ancient nobility) in Spain began to imitate his use ... (from More information:
February 9, 2012
Debido a la influencia de Francia (donde en siglos pasados donde la preposición "de" antepuesta al apellido era indicadora de una antigua hidalguía) en España se empezaron a imitar su uso... (de: También puedes encontrar más información en:
February 9, 2012
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