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How do you celebrate Saint Valentine's day in your country? I need to share experiences with some students about how people celebrate Saint Valentine's Day in different parts of the World... Could you help me telling me how you celebrate it? In my country, we celebrate it in September. We play a game in big groups of friends called "Secret Friend". We write our friends' names in small pieces of paper and each of us takes one in secret. We set a date where we must give him/her a gift and tell him/her: "i was your secret friend" Until the time to give each other presents comes, we give to our secret friend any kind of sweets and give him/her clues about who is his/her friend...
Feb 9, 2012 5:23 PM
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Abdel - I like the fact that you call it SAINT Valentines day. In the UK the idea of anything remotely to do with the church makes people run a mile so it has become one of the many events branded by Hallmark. And I really do not see the point of it. If you are in a relationship then I hope you do not save up all your love for just one day a year - that would be sad. If you fancy someone surely it is a bit obvious to make your move on a day set by someone else rather than what works for you. I don't know - do we really need an excuse to say "I love you?" I hope not.
February 9, 2012
It's become a cheesy romantic holiday, usually celebrated with a romantic partner, in the USA>
February 9, 2012
Usually with friends or partners. But for example with my coworkers for the three king celebration we eat the king cake, inside is a small baby Jesus and if you are lucky find one in your bread piece. the tradition says that the people who find the baby Jesus should make tamales, in February 2 but like we want take advantage of this 2 celebrations we do it for valentines day.
February 9, 2012
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