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Princess Rose Heart
I did not understand for Future will?? I did not understand Future Will,Time Clauses and will for predictions, will have to , will be able to,won't, won't be able to ?
Feb 9, 2012 11:02 PM
Answers · 3
Will: It may or may not have happened in the past or now. Yet you are informing through your sentence that it (often an action verb) is going to occur. Your sentence may also explain a time that it shall occur. I will jump soon. I will have jumped by the time you have exited the window. in a few minutes, It will have been an hour from the time you called the police. So "will" speaks about the future, sometimes in specific ways and sometimes in general. Ok. I will come back in now. But I will jump next time! You will not be able to watch me around the clock. Oh yes. Someday, I will.
February 10, 2012
"Will" is not a future tense. "Will" expresses deferred decision. That means a decision has not yet been made regarding the action following "will". If it rains, I'll go. This is the most obvious example. You are waiting to see the weather before you make your decision. Your decision has not yet been made. [Upon hearing the phone ring} "I'll answer it!" Again, the decision was not made prior to the present moment. Think aobut it. For all decisions that were made prior to the present moment, we express the future action with "going to". And that is the difference between "will" and "going to".
February 10, 2012
Will have to: in the future I will be necessitated to do it Will be able to: in the future I will have the ability to do it Won't: I will not do it (no more specific than that) Won't be able to: in the future (for some reason) I will not have the ability to do it. (This pattern is often used with an IF... structure. E.g. If you break my arms, I won't be able to write you letters any more.)
February 10, 2012
Princess Rose Heart
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